Smart Home Services



The way we interact and control our homes is changing. Today, it’s possible to have a detailed level of control and monitoring over a home, even from hundreds of miles away. Smart home products can allow home-owners to monitor and control a home’s heating and cooling system, turn lights on or off and even pre-program devices in the home to become active at certain times. Also, smart home camera systems can notify home-owners if there is motion within the house, or if temperature goes outside a specific range. Smart bulbs can be set to a range of different color temperatures, and be dimmed and controlled remotely. Surround sound can easily be added to a home via LED light bulb/wireless speaker combinations.

While many smart home products are designed to be easily installed, there are a host of factors that can make them difficult for those inexperienced in new technology. The placement of the wireless router, the efficiency of a network signal and other factors influence how smart home equipment will function.

DCL HomeWorks can aid in setting up whatever level of smart-home control you desire, and maximize the efficiency of your existing wireless network. If needed, our licensed electricians can relocate power outlets and hard-line cable outlets, making sure that you have a strong signal where you need it. Smart homes are the future of comfortable living, and for second home owners, they offer enhanced peace of mind and control – even when you’re away.