The most efficient home, ever.


In 2010, Builder magazine set-out to design and build, the home for the new economy. They recognized that economic changes within the U.S., had led to disinterest in McMansions and monstrous homes, that were both expensive to build, and to maintain. They also realized that the building industry was undergoing a shift toward green, energy efficient designs, along with environmentally friendly building. Both people building their first home, on up to those building a vacation getaway, were interested in smaller, versatile spaces. These were homes where each room maximized multiple potentials, and could be easily changed and repurposed.

Builder magazine designed the most efficient home, never built. Instead of erecting a brick and mortar building, they created a virtual home, that showcased the hallmarks of efficient design and premium, modern materials. The project allows families, or individuals planning on building, to explore a professionally designed home, which maximizes versatility.

To tour both the most efficient home, and the Builder magazine green-home, click here.


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