Mission Statement


The DCL HomeWorks logo is a celtic triple spiral, which symbolizes three sphere of influence; land, sea and sky. We feel this symbol can easily correlate to a home, the family that occupies it and the surrounding environment. HomeWorks offers an aid to these spheres, by placing your home under professional care and helping families/homeowners make their dream home, a dream come true.

With our website, we hope to help home owners make informed decisions by providing the latest home construction, management and renovation information, based on building science, current trends and proven methodologies. We also strive to learn/educate new building techniques which are more efficient and leave a light footprint on the environment.



ren.0.va.tionthe action of modernization, restoration, redecoration, revamping and redevelopment.

At DCL HomeWorks we believe the process of renovation means bringing new life, light and vibrance into an existing home, while maintaining the initial core of the home’s design and hallmark appeal. Renovation is a process that can make a home more efficient, and raise the standard of living within the house. It can be a difficult process, and many challenges faced when renovating an existing home are absent from new home construction. Each step of the way, HomeWorks works closely to make sure your vision of the home comes into focus, ensuring that the essence of the home isn’t lost, and continues on for generations to come.