Monthly Property Inspection


DCL HomeWorks Property Inspection program:

To offer our clients additional peace of mind DCL HomeWorks has a monthly property inspection program.


How does property inspection work?

Since DCL HomeWorks started, we have been continuing to compile our network of approved, insured and licensed contractors. This database includes professionals for nearly any home repair, management or upgrade scenario that you can imagine. Using this network, we are able to monitor the progress of a project from start to finish, offering updates via email, phone, digital pictures and by checking the finished product. We have found that for second home owners this is especially beneficial, as they cannot be at their lake home all the time.

To help prevent small home related issues from becoming major disasters, we conduct full service property checks, including the exterior and interior of the home. Everything pertinent to your properties’ good condition is checked and you’re provided with an update on the properties’ condition and digital photos taken during inspection. If you enroll in the $ 60.00 per month property inspection service, this includes an inspection in the event of severe weather.

Property Check cost: $ 60.00 per inspection.

Monthly program: $ 60.00 p/month including an inspection after severe weather.


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