Image use

All photos used on are either public domain photos (photos taken from a stock image gallery or uploaded to social media) or used via fair use policies. Fair use policies state that a photo can be used in content if: the user is not claiming to have taken the photo, the user has not manipulated the photo and the photo best illustrates the content described. 

Since our website has photos of various products, building practices, etc – it’s imperative that we have access to photos that best illustrate that information. If you feel a photo on our website violates fair use policies, please contact us and we will remove it. 

Other photos on DCL HomeWorks are pictures we have taken of ongoing or completed projects, aerial footage of the Deep Creek Lake and other original designs. If you wish to use any of these photos, you are free to do so under the appropriate fair use guidelines. If you have a question about using one of our photos, please contact us via the link above so we can discuss it.