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Getting an accurate weather forecast for Deep Creek Lake, Maryland can be tough, largely due to the fact that weather reporting stations are often located in areas at far lower elevation than DCL. Pittsburgh’s reporting area is north of DCL, but at a fraction of the elevation and at only 800′ of elevation, Morgantown WV’s reporting often provides a much milder forecast for the lake, in comparison to the real weather.

To help bridge the weather forecast gap, we installed a BloomSky weather monitor at our office. Using advanced sensors, the BloomSky measure ambient pressure, rain and humidity, temperature along with a host of other real-time weather data. It is able to make predictions via HD camera of cloud cover and generate reliable weather prediction data.

To take it one step further, we tied our BloomSky into Weather Underground’s network of over 312,000 PWS (Personal Weather Stations) stations in the U.S. Using this network, Weather Underground is able to pool PWS data to increase the accuracy of weather forecasting.

The links below lead to DCL  HomeWorks’ office weather page, taken just 2 miles from Deep Creek Lake. The second link leads to DCL HomeWorks’ Weather Underground data page, which collects data from our PWS and other surrounding units and provides a real-time, hyper local forecast. On our BloomSky page, you will be able to watch daily time-lapse footage of weather trends, while also getting an accurate forecast.

DCL HomeWorks BloomSky video and forecast.

DCL HomeWorks’ Deep Creek Lake detailed WU forecast.

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 Weather Underground PWS KMDOAKLA11