21st Century Building Trends



Where form meets function:

The rise of new building methodology and technology has created a host of exciting trends in building. From multi-function living space, to home automation, all the way up to allowing your home to work in-sync with the surrounding environment, have all improved not only the quality of general home construction, but the functional aspects of the home. Here are 7, current building trends, that can be used when building, renovating or adding on to your existing home.

  1. Accessibility:

This can be linked, sometimes, to factors associated with aging or a general second look at current space. Highly accessible bathrooms, living spaces and especially kitchen/dining areas, are becoming the norm. It’s amazing how much open space is created, simply by taking a revised look at existing space, re-fitting in key components and opting for often more energy efficient and functional modern equipment. Fewer stairs, larger doorways, and cleaner/modern design spaces are all linked to the accessibility puzzle. In a recent American Institute of Architects (AIA) survey, nearly half of the design professionals who responded, said that accessibility was key in today’s home design market.

  1. Large Garages:

The garage has become more than just a docking bay for cars these days. They offer extra storage or even a hangout for hosting social events. In an area like Deep Creek Lake, where often boats, kayaks, ATVs, snow skies, etc are a normal item for homeowners to have, a large garage can be a perfect place to store all your outdoor accessories, along with your car.

  1. Multi-Function rooms:

As homes change in layout and size, according to the AIA, rooms designed solely for one purpose, are going to the wayside. To replace them, all-purpose rooms are taking over. Kitchen/dining area combinations, living room/play area combinations, are a great way to maximize the flexibility of space, especially in homes intended to accommodate guests.

  1. Home within a home:

Deep Creek home owners are often entertaining family, friends or other groups. The layout of a home can be modified, or designed, to offer literal homes within a home. Here various design aspects can work together, tailoring each section of the home with a different function and feel, making it almost like a harmonious single, yet separate, living space.

  1. Energy Efficiency:

Many people associate green with expensive. While some green alternatives cost more upfront, many are simple changes that can save a lot in the long run. From properly sealing the home, to the use of energy star appliances all the way into the application of solar and geo-thermal technology – where efficiency was once an option it’s quickly becoming the norm.

  1. Home plans for today’s lifestyle:

Laundry areas have evolved to offer easy access, from a variety of points within the home. Some owners even install laundry chutes, allowing quick drop off from any desired point. What is dubbed a “Costco pantry” is a large pantry, right off a garage, used for storing bulk items for the kitchen, without cluttering up the rest of the house.

Finally, drop points are areas, where upon entry into the house, gadgets such as cellular phones, ipods, keys, etc can be dropped, for quick and continuous access.

  1. The open plan:

While nothing new, in the realm of home renovation or construction, the open plan is becoming increasingly popular. The open plan not only makes a home’s interior seem larger, it offers open line of sight, less hallways and a continuous flow. According to AIA, a 3,200 square foot, open floor plan today can appear larger than a 4,000 square foot floor plan, of 20 years ago. A visitor would feel like they are in a larger home, when in fact the home is 20% smaller.

If you are interested in taking a fresh look at your current home, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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