How are things in your, “Nest?”

When looking at the multitude of new home management products released each year, occasionally something grabs my attention as truly innovative and out of the box. Recently I stumbled across something called, “Nest.” On the outside this looks like an iPod touch and a digital thermostat had a baby. After some research into the product, it’s that and a host of other features.

On the surface the Nest appears like a cool, easy to read, digital thermostat. It’s second generation model works in line as a learning thermostat. This means an internal CPU picks up on common trends and adjusts itself automatically for those.

Here is what sets the Nest apart. First, the nest has a motion sensor. If it notices motion in a room that corresponds with the temperature adjusting to 70 (i.e. if you walk into the room and turn up the thermostat) then upon detecting motion it will automatically adjust the temperature. If the Nest notices that a lack of motion corresponds to the temperature being lowered, (i.e. you lower the temperature when you leave for work) then it will lower it automatically as well.

If you wake up at about the same time each morning, turn up the heat, then turn it down when you leave, the nest will do that automatically. It can even be preset to raise and lower the temperature at certain times. 

If that wasn’t enough, the Nest also complies graphs on energy usage, showing your peak consumption and offering tips on how to save energy. You can even link it with your wi-fi network and access it from any computer, tablet or smart phone and adjust the temperature on the go. If you left your Deep Creek home and forgot to turn down the temp, no big deal, grab your phone and adjust it. If you are headed to the lake and want your house nice and warm, adjust it from your phone or PC before you leave, or on the way.

What makes the Nest so attractive to us, as property managers, is that it doesn’t require extensive, high tech and costly set-up. All that is required is the Nest unit, a wireless network and a low voltage thermostat hook up. A free app download syncs the unit with Android and iOS, and online access works via a PC or Mac. 

Check out the video below along with Nest’s website. If you are interested in having a Nest of your own, contact us today for installation.



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